STOP WORRYING ABOUT EU ALLERGEN COMPLIANCE… vitalCustomer is the simple online solution for
managing allergen data - and communicating with customers


source information easily from your suppliers - build a trail of trust your customers will appreciate

  • Create an account in 2 mins, set up your organisation, invite staff and set up multiple locations
  • Invite your suppliers, build a supply chain network online to facilitate easy and accurate exchange of ingredient due diligence information, and to ensure timely updates
  • Create ‘profiles’ for each of your recipes: Enjoy automated nutritional calculation, auto population of allergens, automatic categorisation for ‘diet type’ suitability (e.g. Vegan, Halal, Low-calorie)
  • Create branded, printable materials for staff and customers from simple-to-read allergen grids for back of house staff, to dish information summaries used to respond to customer enquiries
  • Ensure consistency in the quality of dish information communicated across locations, by multiple staff of varying abilities, to multiple customers
  • Reach existing and new customers through 1) QR codes and 2) the Eatjoy app which makes it easier for your customers to easily and quickly identify the right dishes on your menu that suit their preferences and needs